Save before the trip. Get 10% cash back from your favorite products and stores with ENDORSE.

by on October 21, 2011 at 3:54 am

To afford Hawaii vacation you need to search for deals not only on island  activities, hotels and foods! You’d better do your homework and start preparing and saving for your trip beforehand.

Every week I will share BEST “save before the trip” advise or tip, that for sure will give you a better chance to afford Hawaii vacation!

This week Saving Tool is Endorse – new facebook application that allows you to endorse the products and stores that you love and receive 10% cash back! Sounds Terrific!

You can get cash back on Safeway, Old Navy, JCPenney, and other stores, products like L’Oreal and Cover Girl Cosmetics, Dannon, Tabasco and a lot of others.

Here is the steps on How to get 10% cash back on your favorite products and stores with Endorse:

  1. Log into your Facebook  and search “endorse” or go through that link

  2. Sign up with endorse. They will ask to access your facebook information and will mail you the packages with the envelopes for you to use to send them the receipts from the purchases of your endorsed products to get your cash back.

  3. Choose the products that you like and endorse them. NOTE: Try not to endorse too many of the products yourself, try to join your friend’s or acquaintance’s endorsement, so you can get the same favor from them and hopefully get the endorsed product or a store trip for FREE! That is right if 5 of your friends will endorse your product (the one that you endorsed first) and all make the purchase and request their 10% cash back, you will get it for free. And it is getting even more interesting further…

  4. Endorse BEFORE SHOPPING for the products, otherwise you will not get the cash back for that purchase.

  5. Buy the product(s) you endorsed in the stores you endorsed and rip the double benefits! AHA! YES! You can get 10% back from the product you endorsed and then 10% of the whole shopping trip from the store that you endorsed! Isn’t it just music to your ears?

  6. Mail in the receipts from the shopping trips and wait for your endorse account to be credited with cash back. As you hit $25 in cash back endorse promise to mail you the check!

Ok, I hope this was a good overview and explanation. There are several couponing blogs discussing it, so I would suggest you to follow them on any news and changes on endorse application.

As a courtesy, please endorse MY Safeway! I would definitely return the favor with some other of YOUR endorsements. In this case it will be not beneficial to endorse everything yourself, than you will be having hard time to have your friends following you, as they will see you as being selfish. Just do several endorsements and than join your friends for other!

Please share your experience with endorse application? Did anyone already receive the check? Or at least get the cashback to show in their application?


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