Save with Go Oahu Card. 3 days sample itinerary.

by on January 30, 2012 at 4:09 am

When visiting Hawaii anyone wants to see and do a lot! There are usually 2 obstacles to that- time and money! It is only that much that you can see on your vacation to Hawaii as it is limited in time.

I think a great solution to that dilemma, is a Go Oahu Card. If you are going to spend some time on Oahu, it is worth it to buy Go Oahu card, as it will provide both savings and will push you to see and do as much things as possible in 3, 5, or 7 days.

Go Oahu card essentially is a pass to 36 activities and places in  Oahu,Hawaii. You can do as many things out of the included one a day as you want, actually as many as you can due to the working hours of the places. 3,5 and 7 days Oahu passes have the additional bonus activity like Kaulua Ranch Half-Day sunset experience or Ha-Breath of Life  diner show at Polynesian cultural center.

To show you how exactly you can use Go Oahu card and how much you can potentially save, I crafted 3 day Oahu itinerary with Go Oahu Card

$189.99 is a  regular price of the  3 day Oahu card and $161.49 with 15% going on right now (until January 30th, 2012).

3 day Oahu itenrary:

Day 1:

Grand Circle Island tour ($60 value)       7:50 am-5:30pm

Explore Waikiki area and beach with Waikiki Hop-on Hop-off bus ( $30 value)   6 pm-9 pm

Day 2:

Diamond Head Hike ( $15.99)     6:20am-8:30am

Makani Catamaran Morning Sail ( $37.35)(includes breakfast)    9 am-11 am

Wet and Wild Hawaii (only until March 31, 2012) ( $41.99)     11:45 am-3pm

Polynesian Cultural Center ($45)     4 pm-8 pm


Day 3

Hanauma Bay ($21.99)    7 am-10 am

Secret Island Beach at Kauloa Ranch ($23) or Movie Site and Ranch Tour         12 pm-3 pm

Stay for the Half Day Sunset experience at Kualoa Ranch($89)    3 pm-7 pm        ( Available, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)


Total without Go Oahu Card for 3 days $354.32

It is a saving of 46% if you are purchasing go Oahu card for the full price($189.99) and 54% if you are purchasing Go Oahu card with 15% discount ($161.49)

Have you used Go Oahu card? How was your experience with it?


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