Airport to Waikiki and Waikiki to Ariport transportation: Saving Tips

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There are a lot of options for the Oahu visitors to get from the airport to Waikiki area hotels and resorts as well as getting from Waikiki to the airport.

First of all, if you are renting a car on your Oahu vacation, then it is obvious that you are all set and will not have problems travelling to and from the airport. However, there are a lot of transportation options like shuttles, buses, mopeds, bikes and other means of transportation that can be used in Oahu, so not everyone will rent a car.

So, if rental car is not your choice, there are severaloptions for your travel Airport to Waikiki and Waikiki to Airport while on yrou Hawaii vacation.

Taxi and the shuttle advertized by  nice looking people in aloha shirts at the arrivals gates are not your only options. Why am I saying this? Well, a while back there where ample of options of shuttles and taxis waiting for visitors, as soon as they walk out the doors of the arrival section of the airport. Now, the only option advertized to you is to use the shuttle that is endorsed by the airport (people in aloha shirts), which is costly.

Nevertheless, you still have a choice. Here are the options for you:


Option 1:

Pick up This week Oahu magazine or similar booklet from the stalls in the airport. There will be several advertisement from the airport shuttle companies, with the rates they are offering for the airport to Waikiki transfer. In This week Oahu the ads are at the end of the booklet, and have offers for $6.95/7.95 per person (prices as advertized in February, 2013). That is a great deal! All you have do is to call them up and refer to the magazine you saw the special price in and schedule the time for your pick up. They can come and pick you up in as little as 20 minutes.

Option 2: 

Save more with more people! If you have a big party going with you, I mean 4 people, you can call and order the flat rate taxi, advertized at the same This week Oahu or other marketing booklet.  That will be a great airport Waikiki transportation option for $25-$30.95 (prices as seen in February, 2013).

Option 3:

There is always  The Bus. With the $2.50 rate per person it is the most budget friendly option, but also the most time consuming. It can take you more than an hour to get from airport to Waikiki on the bus, depending on the traffic conditions. There are bus No. 19 and No. 20 that is going to the Waikiki area. Here is the link to the website to get more info on the bus schedule and routes

When going from Waikiki to airport you can use the same choices and rich airport with ought overpaying for it.


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