Weekly roundup: Save money on travel tips and more

by on May 27, 2013 at 8:17 pm


Here are some  posts that I believe will inspire you to travel!

First, check out what are our most common excuses for not traveling with J from traveloninspiration.com.

Get inspired and ditch excuses here:


When you knock out your excuse not to travel read on 10 Life Lessons travel has taught me by Liz of youngadventuress.com.

And to top it off, examine some great of 52 ideas on how to save money on travel by Caz and Craig or ytravel.com.

Check their  How to Save Money on Travel – 52 Ideas .

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  • Lisa


    Thanks for sharing the posts. I checked out the 52 tips on saving money on travel article! A lot of great info!

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