Honolulu spa deal (massage+foot scrub fo

Catch a great deal on 90 minute massage in Honolulu. Great addition to you affordable Hawaii stay.    

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Honolulu spa deal (massage+foot scrub for $49)

Stay 4 nights at Waikiki Getaway hotel w

Great opportunity to score affordable hotel stay at Waikiki. LivingSocial.com is running a promotion where you can get 4 nights in Waikiki Getaway hotel Daily breakfast for 2 50% discount on Roberts H

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Stay 4 nights at Waikiki Getaway hotel with extras for $349

Dining Out Hawaii: new restaurant coupon

Dining Out Hawaii website is offering new set of coupons to selected Hawaii restaurants: Among the coupons are offers like: Formaggio Wine Bar – 10%  off the entire bill Sunday-Thursday Grylt &

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Dining Out Hawaii: new restaurant coupons

Group Party Bike Pub Crawl in Honolulu (

Crowdsavings.com is running a deal on Group Party Bike Pub Crawl. Say what? Yeah, it means pedal to join the party at the local pubs with the group of people – sounds like something completely

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Group Party Bike Pub Crawl in Honolulu ($59 for 2)

10 night Hawaii cruise on the Pacific Pr

If you want to try out Hawaii cruise you are better off reserving your trip early. You also need to check the deals on the cruises frequently as some discounts on the cruises appear throughout the yea

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10 night Hawaii cruise on the Pacific Princess from $899

Weekly roundup: Save money on travel tips and more

by on May 27, 2013 at 8:17 pm


Here are some  posts that I believe will inspire you to travel!

First, check out what are our most common excuses for not traveling with J from traveloninspiration.com.

Get inspired and ditch excuses here:


When you knock out your excuse not to travel read on 10 Life Lessons travel has taught me by Liz of youngadventuress.com.

And to top it off, examine some great of 52 ideas on how to save money on travel by Caz and Craig or ytravel.com.

Check their  How to Save Money on Travel – 52 Ideas .

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Weekly Roundup : Save for your Hawaii vacations

by on April 26, 2013 at 9:35 pm


Here is another weekly roundup  that introduces the advice and tips throughout the web on how to save for a vacation. I bet everyone has its own way to save for a Hawaii vacation, but it never hurts to try employ some other ways that you never used before.

More Hawaii vacations for your buck!

On Bankrate.com they share 8 ways to save for your vacation last minute. Check it out here:


On independenttraveller.com discover even more ways to save for the dream vacation.


Amanda Christensen from Studio 5  suggests to engage yourself into the 53 money challenge to ensure you will have enough money for your next year vacation. Check her 52 weeks saving plan here: http://studio5.ksl.com/?nid=71&sid=24944275

What are the ways you save for your Hawaii vacation? or any other vacation? Share your tips in the comments section!

Get inspired to travel with travel magazines on sale: Best Deal Magazines Travel Magazines

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Weekly roundup: Maui Edition

by on April 15, 2013 at 7:59 pm


I would like to introduce Weekly Roundup, a new series of posts at Cheap Hawaii Vacations blog.There is just so much useful info around the web that helps you plan, enjoy and save on your Hawaii vacations, that I decided to staart sharing great posts from the web weekly.


Here is the first round up:

Maui Edition

I was recollecting my memories from our 2010 trip to Maui, and really get inspired by all that moments of joy and serenity to look through the web to find great info on planning your Maui trip.

Here is the post from Paradise found in Maui blog that gives you a unique perspective on highlights of the Road to Hana trip. Road to Hana is a beautiful serpentine road with lots of picturesque stops to enjoy along the way, like waterfalls, beaches, and even a botanical garden. Read on ParadisefoundinMaui’s perspective on which pit stops are worth to take on Hana highway.



Thinking about enjoying every turn of Road to Hana and ascending to the Heleakala pick to enjoy a sunrise in the same day? Here is the answer to your questions if you should do those two activities in one day by Sheila Beal from GoVisitHawaii blog.



To savor your Maui vacation, make sure you eat where locals eat. How else will  you take in and enjoy local culture and atmosphere, if not by eating what and where locals eat? Here is the list that Liza, a Maui local, is sharing on her AMaui blog.


Ocean activities- your vacation in Maui is not complete without them, they are the highlight of any trip to Maui. Here is the Alexandra Mitchell’s from PrideofMaui blog take on top 10 Maui ocean activities.


I hope these posts will inspire you to plan your Maui vacation.


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